Nessence LipoMask™ 5x5 Variety Gift Set (25 masks)
Nessence LipoMask™ 5x5 Variety Gift Set (25 masks)
Nessence LipoMask™ 5x5 Variety Gift Set (25 masks)
Nessence LipoMask™ 5x5 Variety Gift Set (25 masks)

Nessence LipoMask™ 5x5 Variety Gift Set (25 masks)

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The Hydrating Mask

  • Moisturize and Smooth Your Skin – Formulated with a hyaluronic acid base to lock in the skin's moisture content and strengthen the skin's barrier. Also infused with antioxidants that defend against free-radical damage and helps reduces inflammation.
  • Ultra-hydrating - Delivers a healthy drink of ultra-hydrating botanical ingredients and clinical proven to increase skin hydration by up to 50% after one use. Additionally, the Rice Bran Extract helps the water under your skin to provide a shiny and young look. Delivers a healthy drink of ultra-hydrating  

 The Firming Mask

  • Increase Skin Elasticity: Dramatically reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size. Anemarrhena Asphodeloides protects cell DNA from oxidative & UVA-induced damage. dramatically reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size  increase the skin elasticity by 19%.
  • Skin Rebirth: This special ingredient: Mimosa Pudica Extract, can promote collagen synthesis and reduce collagen degradation of the skin.

 The Anti-Photoaging Mask

  • All-Natural Extract - Potent botanical extracts can dramatically reduce lines and wrinkles safely and naturally.
  • Protect Cell DNA – Botanical ingredients can protect cell DNA from oxidative damage. It affects parts of the DNA repair-related gene expression and shows protective effects on UVA-induced DNA damage.
  • Long Lasting Effects – The mask had a hydrating effect that can last for 4 hours. After one use, it will reduce wrinkles 19% and reduce pore size by 20%.


 The Brightening Mask

  • Block Stimulus of UV Radiation – Made out of Eclipta Prostrata, this facial mask is able to help block UV radiation. The major constitution of Eclipta Prostrata extracts - Saponin, Vitamin A, Flavonoid and Tannin have the strong antioxidative ability. Flavonoids have the potential to decrease melanin synthesis by 5%.
  • Glutathione - The strongest antioxidant available prevents skin from being damaged by free radicals. Inhibits the synthesis of melanin. Reduces brown pigment deposition.
  • STAY-C® stable Vitamin C – The Nessence Facial mask is packed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C and some derivatives have been traditionally used to brighten the complexion because they are known to inhibit the formation of melanin.


The Repairing Mask

  • Keeps Skin Young and Moisturized  Our mask promotes collagen and elastin.
  • Antioxidant/ DNA Repairing – Designed with Orchid and Ginseng extracts. Enriched in phenolics and flavonoids, this mask provides your skin with neutralizing agents that reverses the damage caused by sun, pollution and other free radicals.


All Facial Masks:

  • Safe, Gentle & All Natural – Fully tested; only the finest natural ingredients & lush aromatics are used to deliver your maximum results.

    Get one box (each box contains 5 masks) of each of our specially formulated Nessence face masks. The unique innovative formulas and exotic blend of mixed natural ingredients deliver rapid and long lasting results. Our Nessence Liposome facial masks will help you keep your skin looking younger for years.

    Nessence unique formulas combine the ancient knowledge of Western and Eastern healing, along with advanced clinical therapies to bring you quick and lasting results.

    LipoMask™ has dual-liposome to protect the active ingredients and allow them to go through cuticle quickly. The experimental results have shown that nano-liposome absorption technology are able to facilitate the absorption of serum into skin within 5 minutes! Besides, according to the clinical experiment, the average moisture of lipoMask™ is 18% higher than that of control group. Water content is still 26% higher than after 8 hours that provide excellent moisture retention. Real absorption, it is the initiative to penetrate real beauty!

    LipoButy™ has earned recognition of international awards

    lipoTech awards

    • 2017 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva: Gold
    • 2017 Concours Lépine lnternational Paris: Sliver
    • 2017 Seoul International Invention Fail: Sliver
    • 2018 Silicon Valley International Invention Festival: Sliver
    • 2018 The 32th World Genius Convention and Education Expo: Gold
    Instructions for Use:    
    • Wash your face with water.
    • Apply the mask on your face and adjust it so that it fits onto your face completely, and then keep it on for 15-20 minutes.
    • Remove the mask and gently massage your face until all the remaining essence is completely absorbed.


    Product Specification:


    Package Include: 5 x 5 Facial Sheet Mask

    Dimension: 6.57” x 4.96” x 1.26

    Weight: 6.4 oz

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