NessTowel™ 100% Bamboo Fiber Washcloth (5 Pack)
NessTowel™ 100% Bamboo Fiber Washcloth (5 Pack)

NessTowel™ 100% Bamboo Fiber Washcloth (5 Pack)

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  • Ultra Soft & Hypo-allergenic - NessGoods Bamboo Towels are made out of 100% all-natural, organic, hypoallergenic Bamboo fiber, completely free from chemical dyes to prevent causing any skin irritation.
  • Highly Absorbent - Our bath towels are exquisitely made to be thicker than usual home towels which enables it to work up a good lather during bath time, the washcloths can even be used to clean serious mess like spills or vomit.
  • All-In-One Multiple Uses – NessGoods towels can be used as a bath cloth, burp cloth, diaper changing, and for other daily activities too. Suitable for both babies and adults, it can also be used for facial cleansing, makeup removal, hand towels and so on. Making it a must-have diaper bag accessory even for traveling.
  • Durable and Bigger Size - Combining the best qualities of Rayon from Bamboo and Cotton, our towels last longer, even with daily use and washing.

Immerse yourself in our luxurious and ultra-soft NessGoods Towels. Made from natural Bamboo fibers, our towels are optimized for softness, weight, and plusnhess - not too thin and not too thick - just right. Nessence towels have five advantages over traditional cotton towels: anti-bacterial, softer, double water absorbency, easier cleaning, less mildew, and no odor. Because our towels absorb moisture quickly to ensure good air circulation, this reduces a large amount of normal bacteria and creates an antifungal barrier in the towel. Experience the naturally moisture-wicking, odor-resistant properties that our bamboo fabric has to offer.

Cleaning and Care:     

The most optimum period of use: 3 months

Replacement: Long-term use will make the towel hard, reduce its function of water absorption, and increase the risk of bacterial infection; it is recommended that it be replaced regularly.

Do not share with others: In order to avoid cross-infection, it is recommended that you do not share your towel with others.

Use different towels for different parts of the body.

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